Art in the Yard Concord - new venue The Ruth Bancroft Garden
September 21, 2019

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I've never been to Art in the Yard. Would love to come and bring a friend.sounds like fun.
Pat Viera - 23 Aug 2016
Elisabeth- looking forward to coming for the first time. David cannot make it but I am bringing 2 girlfriends if that is OK. Thank you for the invitation.
Laurie C. Arbour - 14 Sep 2013
Kevin and I had such a great time! Thank you so much for the invitation. We are very much looking forward to next year. Such a fun event!
Gina Flagg - 24 Sep 2012
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to attend your planning meeting. We are truely inspired! I hope things work out so that we can be a part of your wonderful event. Susan McCabe 7 Feb. 2012
Susan McCabe and Phil Hill - 7 Feb 2012
I'll be out of town this year but definitely want to attend next year! Beautiful web page, Melissa!
Chris T(Pool Friend) - 12 Sep 2011
We enjoyed your event website and will attend this years event. We'd like to bring two other artist friends with us. So we'll be 4 hope this will be OK with you. Melissa great work!!!
Karl & Betsy Livengood - 22 Aug 2011
Gonna try to attend - sounds like great fun!! :)
Karin & James Diaz - 2 Jul 2011
I am truly inspired by all the work and efforts that you all put into this event. It is a win/win event for everyone! A beautiful display of artwork, talent, as well as the wonderful community of people involved. I hope to attend every year! :-)
Sharon Blaschka - 25 Aug 2010
Sandy Finigan and Sue Crakow (formerly Sue Condon, friend of Anne Saraceno) both told me about it. I make jewelry ( but also love to attend shows.
Connie Langan - 18 Jul 2010
Even though I came towards the end, the energy was wonderful, the art beautiful and the people made you wish it lasted longer than one day.
Laural A Roaldson - 4 Nov 2009
I'm definitely going to attend and bring along a friend or two. Can't wait!!!
Vickie Skillman - 20 Sep 2009
We're planning to be there this year for your great event.
Scott Singley - 17 Aug 2008
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